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Old 06-25-2018, 04:22 PM
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Default Maxine Waters

It is time that this old woman gets put out of office for her latest statements that have been playing on the news since Saturday.
How dare a sitting member of congress suggest citizens harass any employee of the Trump administration anywhere they may be found, gas stations, grocery stores or even their homes and it doesn't matter if they happen to have their kids with them.

This is going to end with someone getting killed or badly hurt all over a difference of opinion by the two groups.
Old hag Maxine has been after Trump ever since he got elected with her impeach 45 cry all the time that a camera or microphone is present.
Remember a year ago a nut from southern Illinois tried to kill a group of congress people practicing for an upcoming baseball game.
Maxine should have a visit from the secret service and told to knock it off.IMO
Too old to fight
Too slow to run
That's why I carry a big old gun.
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Old 06-25-2018, 05:37 PM
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Democrats, taking us back in time to their heyday. What’s next? Signs that say “Democrats only?” Did they save the whites only signs? That sea hag needs to go, even Pelosi says she’s over the line. OMG Pelosi calling out Maxine?
Be careful following the masses.
Sometimes the M is silent!
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