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Old 01-31-2007, 07:29 PM
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Default Cream Potatoes

Great with meatloaf and green beans!

Potatoes - Peel and dice
1 TBS Butter
celery salt or similar
Velveeta Cheese.

Boil dices potatoes. Drain. In pan melt butter. Add just enough flour to form a paste. Add about 1 cup of milk, stirring to break "paste" up. Add potato's. Add more milk until almost covering. Stir occasionally, keeping the heat fairly low to avoid burning. As it thickens, cut up chunks of Velveeta. Add celery salt to taste. Cover, on very low heat until Velveeta melts. Make sure to stir once in while. If it doesn't thicken quite right, add flour to a cup, pour a little milk in, stir and then add to your pot.
You can even boil the potatoes early, then put it together when it's close to dinner time.

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