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Old 03-07-2014, 10:18 AM
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Default No Kerala Spices for me

Today's the day I Start my diet... Eh ok the Doc threatened me with Da Needle if I won't keep up with eating healthy meals...

So I've gone with the Nutrisystem Diabetic plan....easy because I can hand the doc a list of what I ate, how much I ate and if I could just stand the damn irritation of constantly taking and recording my glucose on a machine that pricks my fingers down to the bone. And then flashes it doesn't have enough and do it again....grrr

I'm starting out at 230 at 6 foot tall I'm not really fat and I do my daily 2 miler twice a day if it's not too cold. I do at least one two miler regardless...rain snow sleet or hail. But I'm gonna get back to a easy light Upper body, ab to compliment the walks. A fused spine ensures it's gonna be light..

I really hate needles... And measuring food...

The stuff is here it's all prepackaged, weighed, some frozen, some shelf stable.
When I asked why isn't the potatoes and meatloaf frozen, the phone rep stated "its shelf life stable,"Wait a minute! woman are you selling me repackaged MRE's?
"sir what are MRE's?"
Well if you're Military it's short for Meals, Ready to Eat, if you're a sane person it's short for Meals Rejected by Everybody!

I just had biscotti for breakfast dunks in black coffee...with eggbeaters scrambled... Not bad I'm actually filled up and it was pretty good.
There's veggies, milk, eggbeaters,juices and fruits I have to purchase but overall it's just a bit more than what I would spend monthly on groceries...the stuff took up a lot of cabinet space but not too much freezer space

If anyone has questions on the weight loss or A1C levels and how the food tastes shoot me a PM..
I went with the male diabetic program, customized the menu and auto pay option on line....BUT didn't pay for it, just to get a price, the next day the rep called offering a one time limited locked in price if I did autopay for two months.

The price is good for however long I stay in the program and it was 200 bucks off the current on line price and I can quit after two months regardless


I hope

I gotta be around for a long time... Somebody has to hold MEL and RR's leashes..
Be careful following the masses.
Sometimes the M is silent!
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