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Book Review Read a good book lately? Let us know what you thought.

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Old 10-03-2016, 09:24 PM
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Default Killing the Rising Sun

By Bill Oreilly:
Just when you thought you had sucked dry every recorded bit of history on the use of atomic weapons ending WW2.
Fascinating fact filled book
1. The second mission to Kyoto was commanded by an aircraft commander who had NO COMBAT EXPERIENCE.
2. He took off in a bomber carrying 300 gallons of fuel he couldn't use because of a faulty fuel transfer which he knew about.
3. He wasted precious gallons of fuel circling off shore Japan for almost an hour waiting to rendezvous with his support plane..it was above him if he had looked up.
4. Not seeing the target due to cloud cover he tried three different bomb runs over Kokura, the 2nd and 3rd runs being shot at by Japanese antiaircraft guns and scrambled Japanese fighters.
5. Ordered to go to his secondary target in Nagasaki he had enough fuel left to make one bombing run...
6. He missed the aimed target point by TWO MILES.
7. Short of fuel he landed away from his home base running out of fuel on the runway his plane had to be towed off its runway. He was ever so grateful the Marines had captured Okinawa.

not even gonna mention his scientific bomb handlers initially hooked up the items wiring incorrectly in flight causing it to arm itself while in flight...

One thing I always thought of was that the Emperor was against the war from the beginning but that his ministers ran the war. It was this that I believed led McArthur to let him stay in power and not be prosecuted for war crimes.

Well I gotta leave something for you to find out....
And there's hundreds more..
Good read
Be careful following the masses.
Sometimes the M is silent!

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