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Book Review Read a good book lately? Let us know what you thought.

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Old 01-29-2013, 01:53 PM
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Default Arc Light

Ive Read the IBook teaser, thee chapters
World War three, North Korea goes south with Russia's approval, Russia nukes China to keep the red horde from over running Siberia's vast mineral and fossil fuel riches......

Guess I'm going to have to buy the book......it's going to be a rainy day and night

Arc Light was a Vietnam era code word for a B52 bombing strike.. One mile by three miles of mass destruction... And you never heard it coming.....
Ten miles away from the nearest one at Fort Sill the ground trembled and the flashes lit up the night sky... Very very sobering...

Whew... But china gets off 4 nukes and the Russian missile commander gets wrong launch sites and opens a strike against the US, thinking the warheads that hit Near Moscow came from there the Russian Premiere calls on the hot line but the strike is gone and targeted at Americas Military...
The death of NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain and the National Underground Command Center at the Maryland/Pennsylvania border are descriptive..the wind from the fallout would have carried my Ashes over D.C....
Oh noooo.

So final review. Good book. Reading it brought back why it was called Mutual Assured Destruction, scary scenes, ground combat in Europe. France, Greece,Germany,Spain and Portugal all leave NATO the day the US gets it's dose of Nukes.

Who wins?
Who loses, who lives and who dies?
Ya gots to buy the book
Be careful following the masses.
Sometimes the M is silent!

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