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When I first started watching on that other site, I was afraid to let people know that I was a Democrat, then one day, as I was lurking, someone posted something that just plain ticked me off, so I signed up and let them have it. I am pretty sure that is pure me. Sometimes I even stick my foot in my mouth, but it is all in good fun! I used to get so upset because people argued with me, then I met Ultracon. I would laugh myself silly instead of getting mad. When I came here, I was actually grieving the loss of him, and then one day, there he was. He told me in a pm to dust off my boxing gloves, and I just love him for it. We are on totally different ends when it comes to political beliefs, but pretty close on personal beliefs, so I can't say I haven't had a ball with him. I am no longer afraid for anyone to know that I am a Dem, it is okay, although people are still telling me that I must be conservative, and don't know it, but I will not listen!!! LMAO.
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