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She's one of the three friends I have who support Obama and this administration - or at least hate the Bush administration enough to support ANY other. Each of those three I have a great respect for, and that drives me to read as much as I can from both sides, and watch CNN, NBC, and so on, plus FOX, of course. But even so, everything I can find appears to paint Obama and his administration as nothing short of traitors to the America I grew up with. the "MSM" seems to report on only those stories which support Obama & Co., while FOX airs those stories and a lot more besides, that never show up anywhere else.
One of those situations which can only lead to "agreeing to disagree".
The only thing that frustrates me about that, is that no one I know who is in Obama's camp will watch FOX news on a bet, nor take in the "2016" movie. How can one make an objective choice without looking at all sides of an issue?
And "FactCheck", Snopes, etc. are hard to believe as well, because they all seem to have an obvious agenda, concerning political issues. In their defense, I'm not sure one could AVOID having an agenda, one way or another.
We've become so divisive and polarized in the last 20 years - Reagan is the last President I can think of who actually put a high priority in restoring a sense of national pride, and I miss that.
"There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California."
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