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Default HD programs

Something I did not know.
Satellite TV in HD has limited HD Chanels
Both of the Major Companies carry local channels but only in SD (Standard Definition)
NBC,CBS,ABC,FOX aand CW are all in SD.
Last night one of the HD movie channels went south on me. I called the company's customer service and VOILA through the miracle of Microdigital extra terrestial communications the channel popped up.
"Is there anything else we can help you with?"
Aww what the heck. "Sure when is Pulaski Conty gonna get HD Local Channels?"
Well maybe this coming year I think maybe. Let me check something...

She came back and said I qualified for Distant Network Service out of New York for CBS,ABC,Fox. Woo Hoo!
I need a exception from NBC (KY3) but she sent it out for me. Hopefully I can get NBC.
BUT I have to keep and pay for local SD chanels,
No Problem I live on the 44 tornado expressway was gonna keep it anyway!
But I don't pay any extra than before

Thought anyone wanting MORE HD channels would want to know they can get at least three more HD channels for no extra cost

BTW the only reason I know both major companies was I had gone with Dish but then Direct got the NFL Season ticket so I "went over" to Direct. I can tell you neither company will direct you to A Distant Network work around but if you specifcally ask they as of last night are more than happy to hook you up!
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