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Default Dodge Ram

Don't know if I mentioned it here... the 3.0 l turbo diesel in my 1500 is under investigation by the EPA for having an algorithm in its computer designed to trick EPA emissions testing, Same as VW.
So if it holds as is and VW is doing this already...

I'll have a couple of choices,
1. reprogramming which will sink my MPG and exhaust the diesel emission fluid at an alarming rate.
2. Trade the diesel truck for a less expensive [my truck loses trade in value] dodge truck.
3. Get my trade in back in cash then Kelly Blue Book the trucks current value.

I think #3 which Ram will fight tooth and nail in court, the longer the case, the less they have to pay out
2 is not an option I refuse to deal with a company who promises great mileage and cheats to do it, then hoses over the trucks owners for its own profit.
In other words I've paid more money for less truck.

#1 is not gonna happen, I'd rather get a v6 gas engine.

As it is now the EPA caught the algorithm, but has to decide if dodge meant to do it on purpose. If it decides it did then the FTC starts the legal case for damages..

It'll be years, the truck will be paid off and everyone will die of noxious gases emitted by my truck. I'll be so broken I'll probably buy a GMC...
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