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MKPA 08-24-2015 11:04 PM

Learning Curves
Well, I left for the dark side over two years ago.
I bought an IPhone...liked that a lot and then bought an Ipad2.

Really liked that but the Free spreadsheet and word processing program apps included on the ipad2 had me in tears trying to make it work.

MKPA Solution: buy an IMac mini computer and install windows office..
Well, not the cheapest solution but it worked.

Tonight I'm updating the Imac's Operating System and backing up the computer.

Gonna take sometime and boom theres the bank statement that I was going to enter into my IMac windows worksheet.. Darn it...oh wait I've got the iPad with that Numbers program.
Eh, nuttin else to do..

Wow, now that I've been working with Apple systems and apps the numbers program is intuitive. Made up a spreadsheet and graphed my statement as well as balanced the checkbook all in under twenty minutes with no manuals or instructions..

For that first week I was tapping that iPad like a pigeon on speed and with about the same results the buzzed bird would have had...I almost threw it several times but the cost of replacement prevented it..

Guess I learned it while not trying to..great system..

And all you windows people...
How ya doing with windows 10?, my OS's are free and update themselves..
Just thought I'd let ya know..

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